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At Purkiss Design, we offer a full range of Creative Direction and Graphic Design services suited to your every day needs. From full rebrands – including logos, websites and stationary – to social media graphics, printed report layouts, wedding brands and other printed and digital materials.

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One of the major components of Purkiss Design is creating effective, political campaign creative services. Candidate branding, websites, literature, social media graphics, stationary are just a few of the products designed to help you win your race. With over 9 years of political design experience working in Canada and the United States, Purkiss Design is on the leading edge of political creativity.

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I’d love to hear from you. Whether you have a campaign in need of some design help, or you just want to chat over coffee. I’m always looking to get connected with new people. Drop me a note or give me a ring at 416.220.9396 or email me at ben@benpurkiss.com.

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What inspires me to create: BPD Blog

These are the things that get me motivated to create your work. It inspires me to design and look outside of the box. Feel free to browse through my latest posts and articles.

Designers Around the World: China

I love the creativity behind some of the more interactive print projects that Rose QR LIN’s has been creating. A must see for sure.https://www.behance.net/desireisdesign?


Designers Around the World: China

Welcome into the new year! And Merry Christmas to my orthodox friends too! I was browsing around online today and came across this really great studio. Based in Shenzhen, China, 1983 ASIA is producing some phenomenal work. Definitely a must see!https://www.behance.net/1983present

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